Knock down and Rebuild

When looking at updating or extending an existing home, it may be more economical and efficient to knock down and rebuild. Knock down and rebuild allows you to build a completely new home in an already established area. Liona Constructions is experienced and able to assist in all stages of your project, including organising and managing of the existing residence.

Knock down and rebuild can be beneficial as it gives you the freedom to design a brand new home to your own specifications. It allows you to have more flexibility in the design as you are not restricted by the existing building. The demolition and removal process can be undertaken swiftly and safely, while also being cost effective in comparison to renovation. The new build process can be up to 20% cheaper than renovating an existing home.

Liona Constructions can assist you from the initial stages of gaining approval from the relevant authorities, organising demolition and removal, through to the design and complete construction of your new home. Please contact us to discuss.

Please click below and view our Design and Build Process page for more detailed information in how we can assist you through this process.

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